3 hidden online college costs


Are you thinking of attending an online college this year? If so, you aren’t alone. The novel coronavirus is affecting how people live because of the shelter-in-place and work from home orders. Additionally, many schools have closed down to stop the spread of the virus, resorting to online studies.

Therefore, you can earn your degree or certificate online, allowing you to study from the comfort of your house. However, online colleges have a lot of unanticipated costs. While you may plan to apply for a federal student loan to cover your online tuition fees, you also need to factor in these costs.

Here are three hidden costs for attending an online college.

1. Application fees

Most online colleges charge students an application fee ranging between $40 to $60. For example, applying to three online colleges with an application fee of $40 will cost you $120. Unfortunately, this is a fee you can’t avoid, and the best way to minimize it is to only apply to a few schools you can get into.

2. Home computer expenses

As an online learner, you’ll need internet access and quality computer equipment to gain access to your classes. Furthermore, when you travel, you have to pay extra for cellular internet access or hotel Wi-Fi that supports large data transfers and streaming video.

Although some online schools provide students with notebooks PCs or computers, others don’t. Luckily, when planning a budget for your federal student loan, you can include computer hardware and software expenses.

3. Technology fees

Since online college uses a lot of sophisticated technology to enable students to communicate with instructors, you’re required to pay a technology fee. This fee goes into hiring technical support and purchasing computer software and hardware.

Depending on your online college, you may pay technology fees each semester, credit hour, or for each course.

Need student loans for your online college?

The application process for a student loan for your online college is the same as that of a traditional school. But be sure to include the expenses mentioned above in your budget before applying for student loans. Contact Student Loanify today to help you find viable student loan options that suit your expenses.