3 expenses you can avoid when studying online


Attending an online college is on the rise as more and more colleges close down due to the novel coronavirus. However, online college can be quite pricy, forcing students to apply for sponsorship programs, federal student loans, grants, and private student loans.

But, many students tend to forgo other expenses such as food and groceries, travel, and materials when planning their budget. Unfortunately, they end up spending their loans on miscellaneous activities that strain their budget.

What most students don’t realize is that simply because you don’t have to pay boarding expenses doesn’t mean online college is cheap. Here are some online college costs you can avoid in 2020.

1. Expensive software or hardware

Online universities require you to purchase tech equipment such as computers and supporting software to attend classes and complete assignments. However, although you need these gadgets, you don’t have to buy the coolest and most expensive ones.

Instead, buy an economical version or ask your school what equipment they recommend. This way, you stay within your budget without compromising your ability to continue with an online college.

2. Resolving technical issues

Since online colleges revolve around virtual classes, you’ll probably spend most of your time on your hardware and software equipment. Unfortunately, they can wear and tear with time or develop issues such as a failing part or a missing drive, affecting your ability to study.

But, repairing technical issues on your computer equipment can be expensive. Moreover, you may need to replace your gadget when the damage is extensive. Luckily, you can avoid such expenses by taking proper care of your equipment, e.g.:

• Storing them properly and cleaning up dust often
• Updating your software and hardware
• Running antivirus scans often.

3. Expensive travel options

Most online colleges require students to visit campus occasionally for various reasons, such as to take exams or for in-person orientation. But, instead of spending money on expensive travel options, try looking for cheap alternatives.

For example, don’t book a first-class plane ticket when you can drive to your campus.

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