Financial security: what student loans mean for your financial future


Financial security is simply having enough money saved to cover for emergencies and future financial goals. For college students, attaining financial security may seem challenging and far-fetched, but with the right goals and strategies, it’s achievable.

Financial security ensures you can afford unplanned costs without breaking your bank or falling into debt, be it a credit card or student loans. However, it’s almost impossible for most students to go through college without taking out at least one student loan because of the rising tuition costs.

While student loans allow you to pay for your educational expenses, they can adversely impact your future financially, affecting your financial security. For instance, defaulting your loans, increases your interest, increasing the amount you owe each month. This stretches your budget as more money from your salary goes into paying off debt instead of savings.

So, what do student loans mean for your financial future?

One way to attain financial security is by investing in quality education. And, as established earlier, education comes with several expenses that force students to seek financial aid. Hence, student loans set you on the path to financial independence as you’re able to acquire skills and knowledge that you can use to further your career and generate income.

Additionally, receiving student loans teaches you accountability, management, and saving, which are crucial in attaining financial security. However, this depends on your discipline and whether you budget your student loans.

For instance, students who clearly set their financial goals and draft a budget can create a spending plan for their loans that ensures they don’t use up money they don’t have. This way, they can save more money for emergencies and cover additional expenses without taking out other student loans.

Such students can also work their way out of debt quickly once they graduate because they can hold themselves accountable by making timely and consistent payments.

Need financial security?

Taking out federal student loans shouldn’t affect your financial future. With the right management and saving skills, you can become financially stable and secure.

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