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There Are 9 Different Federal Repayment Plans
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Our easy-to-use program will help you understand and optimize your repayment options

There Are 9 Different Federal Repayment Plans There Are 9 Different Federal Repayment Plans

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Affordable Payments
Reduce your monthly payment amount based on how much you make, not how much you owe so your payment will always be affordable.
StudentLoanify Payment
One. Easy. Payment.
Consolidate all of your federal student loans into a single loan with one easy payment to a single loan servicer.
StudentLoanify Loan Forgiveness
Loan Forgiveness
Determine if you qualify to have the federal government forgive part, or all, of your federal student loans.
StudentLoanify Get Out of Default
Get Out of Default
Consolidate your defaulted loans into a new federal student loan and cure any existing defaults.

Affordable Repayments for All

StudentLoanify Affordable Repayments for All
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It’s not just our slogan…it’s our mission


Is this real…really?

Yes…most anyone with federal student loans is eligible for some kind of relief. That’s because ALL federal student loans have different repayment options (learn more from the Department of Education). Some repayment plans are based only on income and family size, which means your payment could be as low as $0. You may even be eligible to have some or all of your loan forgiven.*

The problem is that most borrowers with federal student debt are either unaware of the options or have no idea how to take advantage of them. In addition, federal student loan borrowers are automatically enrolled in the 10-year standard plan which (by definition) results in the highest payment and completely disregards your eligibility for loan forgiveness.+

Sadly, most borrowers are left dazed, confused and struggling with their student loan debt.

We’re here to change that.


*Note: there may be tax consequences in the event some or all of your loans are forgiven. Speak to an accountant for details.
+The 10 year standard repayment may be appropriate for some borrowers.

StudentLoanify We Make It Easy

We Make It Easy

With a multitude of programs and eligibility rules that would leave Einstein scratching his head, it’s no wonder most borrowers aren’t sure of what to do or where to begin.

studentloanify changes all that. With our easy-to-use, step-by-step wizards and guides, obtaining a new repayment plan for your federal student loans is as easy as A-B-C, 1-2-3.

How it works

StudentLoanify How it works
Answer questions
Tell us a little bit about yourself. Don’t worry, our questions are in plain English with tips and hints to guide you throughout the process.
StudentLoanify Review and select repayment plan
Review and select repayment plan
Our state-of-the-art systems will determine all of the repayment plans you may be eligible for. Simply review and select whichever plan is best for you. We’ll even help you determine if you qualify for any early loan forgiveness programs.
StudentLoanify Sign and Send
Print, Sign and Send
We don’t just tell you what you qualify for. We actually prepare your custom application. Just print, sign and send. Your servicer will confirm your information and your new payment. That’s it!
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We Know Our Stuff

Ok, maybe we’re not superheroes but we do know our stuff.

Some of the top student loan and trusted industry experts helped build StudentLoanify ensuring that you have the proper tools and information you need to save the day.

What People Are Saying

The website was awesome. It was very easy to use. It walked you through every step and gave you all the information you needed to know to answer the questions. It is also very clear it wasn’t helping you make payments it was helping you find ways, real ways to lower your payments. Wish I knew about this site when I graduated undergrad.    -- Kevin C.

I use StudentLoanify for all my consolidation and IDR client needs. I find the service to be comprehensive and easy to use. I foresee this service as a great complement to our firm’s services.    -- Ido A.

I believe has the potential to make a real impact in helping people manage their student loan debts. is very user friendly and it allows the user to easily evaluate and choose the student loan program that will work best for them. DMM helped thousands of people keep their homes during one of the worst recessions in recent history. has the potential to make the same impact in helping people with their student loan issues. is truly a much needed break through and should be widely adopted as an option in dealing with student loans.     -- George H.

I’ve now used several times, and I appreciate it’s simplicity and ease of use. The report that it produces makes it easy to review and explain... I’m very pleased with the program and would recommend it to student loan borrowers or anyone assisting them.    -- JT