How will the pandemic impact the job market for today’s students after graduation?


As a student in 2020, you may be wondering how the global pandemic will change the job market after your graduation and impact your ability to pay back student loans. While the answer to this question is highly uncertain, it’s likely that the economy will be impacted in significant ways even after the spread of the virus begins to subside.

There still will be job opportunities in most fields, but career prospects are likely to remain limited after the pandemic is over. Furthermore, there are a few occupations where career prospects may actually be improved in a post-COVID world. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Careers that are related to group events will be less lucrative

Careers that are related to the organizing of large group events are likely to be somewhat less lucrative than in the past. While this sector of the economy will bounce back after the number of new cases starts to decline, it’s likely that people will become more accustomed to spending time at home instead of going out, which is likely to make these jobs harder to find.

2. Careers that are related to mail and delivery services are likely to be more lucrative

One area of the economy that’s doing especially well at the moment is the delivery industry. However, this sector of the economy doesn’t just provide delivery jobs. In fact, the delivery industry has plenty of positions in management, marketing, and administration. Some of these jobs are likely to be quite well-paid, and they are an excellent fit for people who have a degree in marketing, supply chain management, analytics, or business administration.

3. Careers in the tech sector will be especially lucrative

Due to the pandemic, many people have shifted into a pattern of doing as much as they can from home. Therefore, the IT sector, graphic design, software development, and online marketing will be especially lucrative after the pandemic.